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There is not any magic in any ones carb no matter who makes it. Just clever marketing and nice looking coatings to appeal to the un informed customer. The result of a carb change with out any tuning is usually an indicator or how poorly or how well your previous carb tune and booster signal curve were to your combination. Holley hp carbs have no advantage built in to them over the earlier models. If you use a carb supplier that has carbs on the shelf for your application you probably have just been had by marketing. Competition Fuel systems in Tucson AZ is the most informative and non market driven carb builder I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. If you look at this site and read the article the brains of the carb this may give alot of light on a subject the many debate who is better than who. There is no short cut on the shelf for a well prepped carb for any one combination, just some that are better than what you might be use to. Just wanted to give alot of food for thought. I am a paying customer to Norm at CFS. and I only give this info to help a racer with some honest carb advice. If it seems to good to be true it almost always must be BS
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