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Originally Posted by slowmotion
Originally Posted by qtrmile2
Maybe it's just me but I haven't seen a whole lot of difference on the forum. I know I haven't been on here posting much but I have been busy getting our cars ready for this year and restoring a Nova to sell to pay for the entry fee's and gas for this year. I use to see Bjuice on here alot and he kinda makes the forum worth reading. I've seen the same guys posting alot but not a whole lot of new guys signing up.
I think it's a pretty cool forum and I just don't have much time to post stuff in the winter months because I'm working on cars. But I do read your guys post. Good bunch of guys on here.
Just my opnion guys. Good luck this season to all, have fun and be safe.
The Camaro was looking pretty good the other night.
Click on the pic for a larger view.
Thanks were trying to get the cars ready for the NHRA open next week -end. See ya there.
Thanks Mark, Can't wait to hear some times this year from the S10.
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