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Default Converter or planetary>?

Guys, it was my first time out since I went thru the car this winter.

I did my burnout, staged, hit the gas and as soon as it lifted the front wheels WHAM - nothing - thank god for rev limiters.

I had the converter out over the winter for a tweak (tighter) they aslo upgraded my stator, said it was border line for my power/combo, I dont know?

The car acts like it's in neutral, but has park.

I was told by a track offical who pulled me back to the trailor that it my planetary (1.76)

Personally I'm leaning towards the converter since it was the only thing that was worked on and the tranny wont do anything, no 1st, 2nd, or rev, the tranny has never given me a momments trouble in the 3 years I've run it but you never know though.

Just wanted a general consenus before I pull the tranny tomorrow.

For those of you unfamilar with my combo, heres the low down.

496 BBC - making approx 700HP

69 camaro @ 2800 lbs

1.76 glide turbo spline input shaft - Ambruzi racing.

Converter was orignally a 8 inch T/S spragless - stall "new" was suppose to be 5800, but was way looser than that, reason for the tweak.

513 dana 60 - 32x14.5 slicks

Your thoughts?

Thx, Cp
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