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Default Tickled nearly to death

My name is Rudy, very cool site! Had my '68 Camaro up for sale or trade for the last 6 months, trying various media outlets, all of which absolutely stunk!! Then comes along RacingJunk!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! Now I am in my FIRST dragster and the Camaro has a new owner! Although I only traded, I DID make an honor payment and met a really good guy that described his car to the "T". I am vey happy!! I have filled out the profile if anyone wants to know who I am and where I am from. The only cofrontation I have had on here was from some fellow named Eric a.k.a. olds48. Anybody know him? Just kidding Eric, glad I got a response out of you, it makes me glad someone read my post and replied to it, didn't waste any time smacking me though!! LOL! No problems with E, heck of a nice guy, although he drives a OL...., just can't get that word across my lips!!

Thanks again!! I will be here from now on!!

1. How come I see some folks on here with no profile and have been on here for YEARS?

2. Why do these same folks not pay any honor payments?

3. We have been on Ebay for 8 years selling stuff (99.3). Why can't sellers be required to have a verified PayPal account to sell? You do not HAVE to pay thru Paypal and incur the fees, but you will have an outlet to go back to if you are screwed out of your dough if you do use them.

Anyway,,just my 2 cents worth.

Semper Fi!
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