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Originally Posted by bjuice
yes its about the same once you get them started..the problem is the fuel pumps.. they are gravity fed and no accelerated pumps in the injection..
you can buy a gas primer to place on them for next to nothing...all it is is a catch can or smaller cannister that holds a quart of gas or squirts the gas into the top of hat or toilet and helps draw up the alcohol much quicker...if your a one man show its the best choice if you have no-one there squirting gas into the injecter with a mustard bottle.....

the key will be when you go to shut the car down depending on how much fuel remains in the line..all these injectors must be manully shut off with push pull cable and 3 way shut off valve..the proper way to shut one of these off is to close the valve until you hear the motor pick up just slightly then kill the switch..all this does is kill the fuel the pump is drawing from the tank..of course the longer you let it after you shut the valve off the harder it will be to crank cause you run the lines dry completely..

whichever you choose.. DO NOT spend all the money and time with all those return lines...they make a loop back system that consist of one stainless steel line that will loop back into the pump itself..eliminating the extra expense of return lines and will also keep your pump wet by returning fuel back to the pump itself instead of the tank.. ..which helps with restarts...

thanks Brian...

Plumb a fuel solenoid from a nitrous kit straight into the intake manifold. Put a small electric pump and seperate fuel cell with race gas in it.Use the solenoid to squirt gas into the intake to get the thing started then kill the fuel pump.Works great.Also good to run some gas through the motor after you are done for the night.Know several guys who use this method with terminator set ups.
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