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I don't think you have to worry about flooding the motor. I had a float stick once and had raw alky pouring out the collectors with the motor running.

On the tune it depends on how Rupert set them up but it all boils down to how much air you are able to pull through the motor. The last carb he did for me was the 1150 I run now and I have 184 jets front and rear. I had a 1050 he did and I think I had 180s in that. I have a friend running a small block that has 209s in it. That will get you started. You want it jetted to pick up somewhere around 5-10 degrees water temp on a pass. More than 10 and you're too lean. Less than 5 and you're a little on the fat side. If you're looking at EGTs, ideal for mine is between 1050-1100 on an eighth mile pass. It's not unusual to see upwards of 1300 in the 1/4. Rupert will be the first one to tell you to throw the EGT away and jet the thing for max MPH. BUT, for consistancy, alky likes to be on the fat side. You won't run as fast but you'll be more consistant.

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