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Bruce is the owner of hawks 3rd generation they are a STS dealer as well as pro-charger...

i have seen a few STS sets ups on street cars that they mounted on the rearend housing and intercooled them......really neat looking set up...

i think there are a few pics of the STS turbo on his website above...

Bruce also has a chassis dyno ..he dyno's a customers car before installation and afterward....the last STS turbo i saw him install on a Bone stock LS1 firebird made 670 rwhp ( intercooled)...this was a installing a little bigger injectors and computer chip...

i would think you would have a decent market with the younger crowd that owns these type of camaro's etc....

as a matter of fact bruce has done really well with his 3rd generation business..i would think someone else could step in and do as well with this kind of bolt on's in another area


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