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I understand Ken. I know how you feel. We all tip-toe around what is really on our minds when we see thugs that might be Black or a group of Black folks together & wonder what they are up to... why?? History. You get bit a few times you learn to stay away from the dog. I am tired of White people being bit, or ashamed of being White, or feeling like we have to behave certain way in front of other races.

Truthfully Ken, I don't think you or I are more racist than any other regular White person who says they aren't racist... if we could see the hearts of men like an open book; what would they look like...?? the older lady who says she is not "prejudiced".... as she scurries away from the Black man at the grocery store. Or the guy at the light who doesn't want to roll down his window for a Black man who is approaching.... they are NOT thinking about making a new friend or concerned about the needs of that Black man; they are thinking about whats about to happen.

man I appreciate your complete honesty & I would not think any less of you- because I think we all have to be honest w/ ourselves about this issue that is getting worse.
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