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Agreed RK. My Vent:

We like to say things like: "Don't judge a book by its cover" or "It doesn't matter what race a person is; I judge them by their actions" or one of my favorites: "Color of skin is not important; character is what makes a man who he is" ... all nice little political cliche's. We enable the bad behavior & reward them with more money, empathy, & things like the BET channel or Miss Black America. Race baiters like Al & Jesse make a living on this disease & it rages on.... meanwhile many Whites say "I am not a racist"...

Let me be the racist then; here's what I see:

I see a group of Black men are near my family, I think about the 9mm tucked in the small of my back & if today will be the day it gets used. Or when I see a car moving slowly with a heavy bass sound coming near me.... & I notice a Black man driving & wonder what he is up to. Or I see gangs/wannabees with Black guys.... I think about personal protection or how much I hate the sin... the sin of the broken family, the Black dad who bailed out of his family to sell drugs & is a LAZY THUG. The mom that can't even speak decent English; but expect a high paying job because they are Black. The Black mom who hates Whites & calls them "Uncle Tom or "Crackas".... but you don't DARE CALL HER OUT ON HER 4th GRADE EDUCATION & ignorance she passes on to her welfare babies who never have a chance. Meanwhile, OUR PRESIDENT says a murderous THUG "could look like his son"... WE ENABLE Blacks & coddle them too much... many of them (not all) need to STEP IT UP. Last: perhaps Black men could try wearing their pants around the waist... instead of just above the ankles.... again I will be the racist for saying these things.

America is the best country in the world & is still full of opportunities... but you have to WORK for them. Opportunity is not an entitlement. If I spoke like a THUG in "Ebonics", I would not have my career.... period. Instead of everyone saying they are not racist, why don't we call out the sins of people & the consequences more??? They can CHOOSE to have a mentor like "JAY-Z" or they can choose someone who has morals... they are not victims of society. Okay, I am done now.
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