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I'm not sure about boost pressure. I'll have to find out how much boost pump gas can handle maybe 10-18psi? I was hoping that I would not have to spin the blower so fast that's why I bought a 14-71.

Alky would be sweet! so I could use higher boost, the only problem is that I cant buy it from the stations around here we have 95 and 98 octane and also Shell v-power. (I live in Finland (northern Europe)).

I'll post some pictures when I start to assemble the engine.

I build the engine with one goal and that is to have black on white that it makes OVER 1000hp

The whole idea with this build is to get a ridicilous engine for an street legal classic american car that can blow the shit outoff all the turbo jap's that we have around here. It is really interested to hear about their cars turn 10sec in the quarter with only minor turbo upgrades but still you never see them at the tracks...
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