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How much boost you plan on running with that 14/71 on the street.

Hammer I am with you. I have had pretty good luck with Jesel Pro Comp series & T&D rockers, I have ran the sportsmans rockers on small block blower motors with no problems, but never on a bbc. Reason being, I have just always had good luck with the Jesel pro series & never thought about trying something different.

OneBad has made 3 really good points you should really think about
considering. If there is anyone on this site with an overwhelming amount of knowlege pertaining to blower applications; OneBad is the man...........

1) If you really want to have fun with your BBC, lower that stroke. keep it between 3.625 to 4.250. Depending on my application, I perfer using 3.625 thru 4.00 strokes for BBC blower applications. I understand everything is already bought, but the bottom end of your motor is the foundation of your power plant.... and should be built factoring in the type of chassis it is scheduled to be installed in and your expectations of the driving applications i.e. prostreet driving or Track only..

When driving on that dusty black to heading to your local burger joint, 900+++ ft. lbs of torque could make for a bad afternoon ride.

2) Put a injection hat on that bad boy. I am sure you can purchase a really nice used enderle bird already set up for about the same price of those carbs.

3) Run Alcohol. If you really want to know what having fun is all about, there ain't nothing better than combining Alcohol injection with a blower application. Trust me you'll be thanking OneBad for that suggestion.

Converting to and running alcohol on a street rod is not difficult at all.

For the street I would not go over .700 lift on the cam, but TJMO.
You'll have plenty of HP & torque to spin those 17 inch tires on the black top.. It may also reduce your top end maintenance and possibly reduce parts failure.

Good Luck w/ your build. Keep us posted. We'ed like to here about your HP & Torque numbers. Post a few pics as you progress.,...
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