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I agree.
Pinks is set up for street type cars as in old school street racing.

I for one do not remember any rails or funny cars out cruising on a Friday or Saturday night and then going to an abandoned road to race.

I say if you want to see those cars tune into NHRA Today and get your fill, I happen to watch both.

I have seen a 1700hp vette and a 1500 hp nova on the show, but neither could run all out because of a poorly prepped track.
Both cars were street legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And your right about the cars the Tosto family have. All are fast as hell, are driveable on the street and would out run most rails in a bracket race.

Oh and a 5.20 1/8th is about an 8.10-8.15 in the 1/4 not 7's.
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