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My biggest issue with the heads are the deck thickness and meat under the valve spring pocket. The deck is atmost 3/8' to 7/16" thick. i wouldn't want to put a set on a b/blk chevy with 15 to 1 compression, because i don't think the gaskets will stay on the engine. I wouldn't want to put over 200 lbs on the springs either.
I have not had any issuses with he sets i've sold so far. I see people selling them for $700.00 to $800.00 ready to bolt on. They are making a couple hundred $'s on each set by just assembling them and in some cases they have them shipped from the warehouse already assembled which could be disasterous. I usually buy the bare heads and the assemle kit, that way i at least know the heads are assembled correctly.
i know the flow rates are bogus, Direct Motion claims 308 @ .700 with the 210's fully CNC'ed. I don't have access to a flow bench so i don't know.
I would not worry about putting them on a street motor, but in an all out race motor i would not run them, and i've got lot's of procomp inventory and sell $1,000.00's annuelly.
That's just my take on the heads, i've only had a couple failures with other procomp parts in 3 yrs.
I think if you can get flow rates up around 300CFM, no matter who's heads they are you can build some decent HP, like brodix track 1's only flow 272CFM with the CNC port match, but you can angle mill them suckers to 52/54 CC combustion chambers and they really wake up.


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