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Ed, like I said, I didn't want to start an argument, and hype these things up. So far, and, to be honest, I don;t plan on recomending these heads, I will still try to push Dart and Brodix stuff, but, out of 3 sets, well, I should say 2, everything lined up, and worked out. I haven't mocked any valve train on mine yet, but as is usualy the case, I will end up with the crap set, lol. I have had poorly fitting valve trains, on the biggest name heads too, on occasion, and its no fun to try and make the stuff work, especially when your stuck with them, because they are ported already, and can't send them back. They really arent that thin, at least the deck thickness is as thick as a Pro-Topline, had a set in recently, an older set, that, I worked up, and, those were quite good, and there was a lot of meat everywhere else, and, they are fairly heavy, compared to some comparable heads. I didn;t sonic test any areas, but I used my highly accurate index finger/thumb measuring gauge,lol, and, there is no fear of burning thru anywhere. I consider myself a cylinder head guru as well, beings how I have been porting cylinder heads for going on 20 years, and have done cylinder heads from basicaly every auto manufacturer there is, foreign and domestic, motorcyles, 2 stroke stuff, atv and dirt bikes, factory castings, to big chiefs, and everything in between, I am not a 22 year old kid, fresh out of Hot Rod U, with 3 days of porting instruction. I have customers World wide, and have, like you, been quietly, building some of the highest quality, most powerful engines, dollar/dollar that a guy can buy.

We have full machining capabilities, in house, and can do every necessary machining operation that you need, in house. Line boring, line honing, have the full line of BHJ blueprinting fixtures, except for a couple, but, we borrow the ones we don't have, if necessary, and visa versa, with a good friend who also has a shop, PCD/CBN surfacing, for mirror finishes, if necessary, Boring, tq plate honing, 2 bridgeports, gas porting, fly cutting, balancing, mig/tig, lathe, Sunnen seat and guide machine, rod work, flow bench, splayed cap instalation, etc etc etc. There are a lot of "wanna be" engine assemblers, that work out of their garage, and call themselves engine shops, not here. So, I can evaluate stuff, as good as the next guy. I just am not a big self promoter, like some guys, that might change, though, as it seems the guys that toot their own horns the most, get the most recognition, even if its not deserved. That last comment, is not directed toward anyone here, just a general observation I have noticed over the years. THe biggest crooks, with the least ability, that pound adds, advertise like crazy, and in general, pound their name down everyones throats, seem to be doing quite well. Now, add honesty, and ability, and take it to the next level.

Like I said, I am not, and was not, promoting those heads. I bought a set, based on the 2 other sets I have worked on as of late, maybe they improved the originals? All I know, is, the aluminumn cut awfuly "hard". Some of the heads, like the older AFR's, cut like butter.

As far as flow numbers go, mine are as "honest" as they come. I have never infalted numbers, to sell porting, or heads, because it just doesn't seem right to me. I know for a fact, that I have lost work, because I will quote a number that is lower than what someone else quoted a guy, so, they go to the other shop, because, they said they can get them to flow more, and then, my customer, handily spanks them down track, and, they compare flow numbers, on the sheet of paper, and, wow, mine are off by 20, but, made more power on the dyno, and ran .3 tenths faster, with a smaller cam, less compression, less gear, less converter, in a heavier car. I can't count how many times I have been told that exact situation has happened. But, the guy is still convinced, his heads are better, because a sheet of paper says so.

My heads, at 218cc, aren;t all that big in cross section. About 5cc, is from moving the pushrod out of the way, to straighten out the runner, and slow the air down, at the opening, and improve/ balance the velocity profile in the port, so there is a more even velocity profile in the port, and reduce turbulence. It is by no means huge. I have a lot of time, playing with the short turn, have tried 3 different valve jobs, 3 or 4 different valves, etc, to get the numbers I have gotten. Like I said, 306 cfm is a killer number on my bench, with the proper cross section, for my application. I am trying to make 600-625+hp, on a 11:1, pump gas 388, that won't have to spin 7500 to do it, make 520+ ft/lbs, I am sure there are others out there, that make more, but not for $1200. Like I said, I wish I would have bought the Darts, but, I am stuck with these heads, and, I am going to make the best of them, and, i only need 1 season out of this engine, even though I know it will run hard for years to come, its just a what I call a transitional engine, to get my car out, that has been sitting for more than a few years, while I build my all aluminumn, 427 LS1 style engine, that I plan to run on E-85 and a carb, and retro fit in my 73 Camaro. Anyone have expierince fitting these new engines in cars like mine? I hear its not that difficult really, and, its amazing how cheap you can build an absolutely killer LS style engine for these days. Gm has a cool front cover now that adapts a front mount, small block Ford type distributor to these engines also, eliminating any fancy electronics, if you so choose to go that route. My goal is about 750hp, and still street it a bit, thats what I am excited about. So, Ed, With all due respect, Frank

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