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Default Un believable

iThis is not real, today i got a call from the very unhappy person who's pistons came apart. The engine/sht/blk builder told him he needed to buy 76CC heads at a cost of $1500.00 which would lower his static compression from 8.7 to 8.2. I laughed by butt off at this request. I steered him to Arais, but he choose to go to JE extreme duty -28 cc's which is o'k. I said DUH!!, 1500.00, what's wrong with going to Cosmetic .074 gaskets for a little over 200.00 and the ratio is the same 8.29 and save 1300.00 .
Am i wrong are some people just out there to rip people off, i never meant to get involved in this engine build but if some one didn't he would have to put his kids up for adoption and i'm too old to raise another family.


PS, I also found out the the short blk builder set the top ring gaps at .024, Mahle recommends .035 for that piston. who's at fault here, never mind it's comming out of the custommers pocket.
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