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Brilliant! Well done Scorpion.

I got done by a business that used to advertise on this web site. I chose them after contacting them for prices on parts and received VERY good customer service. I placed the order, provided my credit card, and received an invoice showing payment completed.

Because I am overseas, I asked for the items to be sent to a shipping broker in CA for shipping here. To cut a long story short I was finally united with my shipment 4 months later, except, it wasn't all there.

I contacted the company and received a promise to look into the missing item. That was it. After that I started chasing them, emailing, calling, nearly got it resolved, but that came to naught.

I contacted my credit card company expecting some result from them, that was a waste of time (note to self, it's a bank, they don't care even if they say they do). So like you, I got a little cunning. I decided to tell everyone about what had happened.

I noted all the companies they advertised on their web site and wrote to all those companies explaining the situation. It involved some VERY big name companies in America, including a couple that are multinational. I received some replies, and heard that those companies had been in touch with the thief to find out what was going. Whether he placated them or not, it meant that he was getting a bad name with those big name companies.

I also put an advert on this web site with the same keywords as their's so that it came up in searches near their advert. In mine I explained what had happened. Shortly after that they stopped advertising here, and their web site has closed down.

I don't know if the business is still operating, perhaps under a new name, but at least I was able to do something even if I didn't get my money back.
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