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Default Here is my First Diary Entry

First of all no gauratees that everything or anything will work for everyone. Second, you will have absolutely no leverage with anyone who doesnt have "skin in the game", so if you get an email from a Nigerian Scammer and then send money- write it off its gone.

Before I start in on my target scammer-let me outline the criteria that I use for internet deals.

If I want to buy something posted on a website I am looking for a few things:

1) Is he a website member? I want to know this because to join a website he provided the website personal info including a credit card. I know that later I might be able to get that info via complaint, subpoena or what not.

For example in the case of RJ it means more to me that someone is a member than who has made honor payments. A scammer could set up an elaborate scam and actually make some honor payments, but if he joined the site? He's revealed some info about himself and I WANT IT.

2) Does he have friends? Most websites have a friends option. I want to see he has friends, because I can go through them to get info on him. Friends dont like to be accomplices so they will either provide info, or they might message him. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing.

3) I look for Board posts. If he is posting then he's part of the community, has built relationships and maybe friendships. Those things are hard to walk away from and generally won't be risked by a seller.

So if you meet those criteria, then I'll probably buy from you. My scammer met all three so he looked safe. However he wasn't.

So what did I do?

I pm'd him about my manifolds and received excuse one- I've been sick. So I waited a week, still no manifolds. I pm'd him again.

The next excuse I received was I shipped to the wrong address. I waited another week. Still no manifolds. PM'd again and got excuse I have had court issues and have been indisposed. OK, I wait another week- no manifolds.

Now its time to attack.

First thing I did was gather all info to see what I had. I had a name and and address and I could PM or email him through the site. Not enough info. I checked his profile and got his state and city. OK helpful.

I then did a look-up on the address I sent the check to looking for a phone number. I found one and noted it. I also saw that had some public records info on that person- OK more available info.

I then posted a message on a GENERAL bulletin board on the site (thats important-not a scammer board but general discussion), informing the population that I'd been scammed, asking for info and appealing to his friends to assist me as failure to do so would make them a partner to the scam. The general board is important because his friends might not visit the scammer board, but should hit the main board.

Guess what? I find out he's been doing it to others and his friends start emailing him (copy to me) and providing me info. I know have confirmed that his name isnt an alias. His friends dont like that he's been scamming others.

Back to to look up his name, city and state. I get an address and phone number. Heres where it helps to be an actor.

I call the number and a guy answers. I say I heard that Mr. X is a great car builder and was wondering where I could get in touch with him to discuss a job for him to build a car. I find out I am talking to his parent, who volunteers all sorts of info and gives me another number for him.

Back to Whitepages to look up number- Its a cell and in a different city. OK, so I call from my office line and leave a message that I am interested in hirirng him for a hot rod build.

So now I know his name, where his parents live, multiple phone numbers, and have guessed that the woman I sent the check to is his girlfriend. I then go back and re-read the emails- I note a comment about Court - (Always chat up the seller and try to get personal info and write it down or save the email).

Now all states make court cases public record. I do a search, find his states database, more info and a plaintiff and attorney name available to be found if he's in Court- Big deal here- Why? because if he's in court, whatcha think his wife's attorney is going to do when he finds out that the other party is a reputed Internet Scammer?

If I cant get it from the database, then I need to call the Court to vouch records- The State AG might as well if the purported Scammer has a business.

Now I know a bit more- So I call the house of his parents and get little brother who tells me target is out. I tell him shame because I will be filing legal papers with regard to him, his Custody case and his girlfriend as an accomplice to fraud. Guess what?

My prey is on the phone. I then had at him, professionally, and in a very quiet low voice. My next post will expand a little; but I told him that Hell is coming for him and I was delivering it personally. When I mentioned my letter to his spouse and her attorney, he got very quiet.

More later, I've had my foot on his throat all day and am tired.

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