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That's gonna be interesting to watch. Eventually the feds are gonna flex their mucscles on the MJ deal here in Colorado and in Washington State, and when they do, lawsuits are gonna fly. State's rights and individual ownership are gonna be front and center . .

As far as that goes, even here in Colorado, lots of towns and cities are opting out on licensing sales and growing because they can't afford to enforce the regulations they don't have but know are coming . .

On top of that, the feds are screwing with the local growers and dealers who are in the Medical MJ business . . Midnight confiscations after traffic stops by local yokels who then tell them it was a "courtesy stop" but then turn it over to two or more Feds who take cars, money, etc . . All totally Fourth Amendment violations but the MMJ Dealers and growers aren't making any waves because they fear the loss of their licenses.
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