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Originally Posted by blownalky3

You must not of looked at the very lengthy thread concerning Fram Oil Filters!!!! Go read for a while. And YES, A FILTER CAN TAKE OUT THE BEARINGS IN SECONDS, NOT MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sticking up for anyone, but he gave you very sound advice on the filter which you clearly chose to ignore. Did you think he just dislikes Fram? Or do you think he was telling you to stay away because he has experience with oil filters causing big dollar engine failures to which Fram will do NOTHING ABOUT????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????

No matter who you choose to build your stuff, ignoring their advise when you admit knowing little about motors is kinda stupid. Just gives the builder ammo to stick it back to you. Wouldn't you rather follow their instructions to the letter and if you had problems what could they say???? You did EVERYTHING they asked right? It also makes for a tense partnership, because who you choose to spend that kind of money with should be someone you trust and who's advise you value not ignore. AGAIN, I AM NOT TAKING SIDES, but do you think his ignoring you and not having a conversation with you had anything to do with not taking his advise and then complaining to HIM?

Trust me, sh!TT happens to the best builders. I have had brand new motors break brand new stuff. Would have happened to whoever got those parts. I can tell you a guy here had his motor break on the dyno before he even got it (from a very well known mountain motor guy) and they called him and told him he needed to pay for new parts. Lets hope you fired it up and all is well.

Blown, sorry don't know your name. The advise was not given to me. First I appreciate the responce. I agree that a motor can break at start up, as you said $hit happens. His responce is not entirely honest and correct. First Scott did stand up and look at the engine, for that he is awesome. But It took 2 months of calling and stopping by and talking with Danny and getting the run around. Maybe Scott did not know the issues and how many times I called asking for his expert advise. I do listen when I can talk to Scott. Maybe this is all due to his employees being liars. I dont know. That fram filter was put on so I could load car on trailer, engine trouble long before that. So I wont use fram, I understand this. I started the car up 1 hour ago. drained oil first, had 4 quarts of oil in it. So I put new oil 7 Quarts and it fired right up. Sounds great rough idle but that can be adjusted. He had an employee call me while I was installing it, this was in my opinion classy and showed me something. But in his responce on here I am a biotch stupid mother f u c k er, read it. This is his attitude once he was paid in full. From the begginning he says I screwed the motor up. When you buy a turnkey motor, the name says it all. It leaked from the intake water jackets from the moment i turned it on. Oh by the way, the intake gaskets were 2 .060's glued togeather. I took them to Danny at Dynoflo and showed him. Scott was not there. Danny tried back peddling and gave me .120 intake gaskets and said don't tell Scott he will just yell. Bottom line he built it and I believe now that some of his employees were hiding some stuff from him. But Scott and Dynoflo did stand up to the plate and make the repairs. I will drive it Saturday to see if in deed it is fixed. Thier is alot more history that was not disclosed. But I do appreciate someone from the outside giving thier opinion. My only question is why did it take this forum to get a responce from Scott. I called trying to get help, which I would have gladly paid for. Maybe he should find better employees if that is the problem. I tried, He saw me there twice and would not look at me and stayed in the back. Then talks tough on the computer, instead of when I am there. We will see eachother at the next PSCA race. Maybe he can talk to me then or I will just stop by the shop, If he will come out of the back. Who knows. Thanks for listening. Advice and your opinion are appriciated.
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