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Default Re: Dynoflo

You dont know all the facts. He people tell me he does not want to talk. I spoke to him on the phone for 5 minutes and he says 2 hours. So he is correct? How does a oil filter from fram that had less than 10 minutes on it burn the bearings? It can't. Scott installed the manifold and dynoed the motor. How did I make it leak? Because he said I installed it. I have dyno sheets, did I make those up also? I appreciate you defending him. I am sure he stuff is good for the most part. But you are only getting a small piece of what all took place. And in his defence, maybe it is just some of his moron employees. I got a call today from dynoflo. very thankful for that. 775-745-0374 that is my # if you would like to know all the details. I have nothing to hide. I paid alot of money and did not get what I paid for, this makes me a bad guy? I called and called and some of the idiots that work for him said he will just yell at you and does not want to talk to me. Thanks for the time and open your mind before you judge me. I did not get what I paid for. And for the guy who says do it yourself, great small minded thinking. Do you fill your own teeth aswell or go to the dentist? Think before you insult someone.

This guy has a point. But the question should be did he fix it? and why was it a piece of crap to start with.[/quote] WOW you are an a hole .I was asking you what part of town you live in {in private} so if you were close I could come help you with your motor because it looks like you have no phucking clue what you are doing with a 1000hp motor. and let me guess if the motor has a leak or a water drop you are going to bash Scott again on here before you give him a chance to make it right . Scott has always treated me with respect and it looks like he is trying to make it right with you. now if he tells you to go pound sand thats when you make a post that he phucked you. and here is the scarry part down the road when you need to adj the valves, make jet changes, is this going to be scotts fault if you phuck that up? im just saying :lol:[/quote]
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