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I'm not real sure I'd call VR1... Racing Oil(it is street legal). The real Valvoline Racing oil says FOR RACING ONLY on the bottle.

BTW, I have had some roller cam guys come back with the lifter axles worn way before their time on the vr1 oil.

Brad Penn is made at the refinery that made the green Kendall. I haven't seen many bad lifters in engines that ran Kendall. At one point I actually thought roller lifters lasted pretty much forever.

The kid that does some cleanup around my shop hauled out a block tonight that I had sitting by my floor drain for 5 years. It got sprayed with water every time I washed the floor. This was a old block that raced alot with Kendall oil and it had not yet rusted after all this time. It was a little bit of an experiment to see how long it took to rust but I gave up it is out on the iron pile now. No rust on it.

5 years of being sprayed weekly with water and no rust. I wonder how long a block run on valvoline would last without rust? I'll have to put one over there and see...

Lifters last longer with good oil. Most of the rest of the engine will go a long time with oil that lifters don't like. :wink:
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