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Originally Posted by zipper06
Originally Posted by hammertime
VR1 Valvoline racing oil 20/50 I am going to try the 10/30 this year also.
If I could get the Brand Penn easier then I can I'd try it also.
Man David,
Ain't that the truth, Brad Penn can be bought on Ebay for $45.00 a case but the shipping is $23.00, there's no place in La. that i can find that sells BP, so i' stuck useing other products.

Its terrible I have a about 15 automotive stores 5 of which deal in high performance stuff and 1 can get it but they want my arm my leg and my nuts for it ! $59.00 a case and $15.00 for shipping. I just got the vr1 at a farm fleet for $2.99 a qt. I cant see switching just yet have had good luck with it. If I could get the Brand Penn for $45.00 a case and no shipping I'd be all over it but like you no one has it.. one place asked me who made it lol
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