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The kickback problem usually comes with either a locked out distributor or a crank triggered ignition. Most of the newer ignition systems have a built in start retard that has to be wired into the start button circuit and will retard the timing about 20 degrees during the start process and will stay in up to around 1200 RPM. Some folks swear by these and others swear at them.

I have a friend with a 496BBC that can't use the start retard function because it makes his kick back but I've known others that have used it with success.

Once an alky engine is up to operating temperature there usually isn't a problem getting it running unless it's stupid lean and in that case you may have more problems than just flywheels.

On cold starts, ie, below 55degrees or so I usually squirt some gas down the carb to get it running. If this is a fuel injected setup then it has to run on gas long enough to prime the pump and injectors before it will restart without problems. It it's injected and you are having problems with it after it's warmed up, then make sure your mixture is rich enough then if it is you need to pull the fuel shutoff when you cut the engine off. This will keep fuel from running back into the tank and creating the priming problem you'll have to solve to restart it each time. Some drain back, some don't.
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