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Default Re: rons toilet help

Originally Posted by pintoracer
im looking for a good starting set up 393w sbf 14.2 comp. vr jr heads (box stock) 650 inch roller in rear engine dragster it has 01/2 pump 30 nozzels and i have several pills from 82 to 110 ive talked to the the guru at rons he will give me no info only wants to sell me a 0 pump i have friends using this exact set up on 355 chevy motors with the 01/2 pump and other poeple using hilborn blown pumps on 468 bbc with rons toilet.maybe i dont get it but if yourpump is a little big why cant you just return the extra fuel back to the engine im not a rich guy just trying to use what i have any ideas?????????
First off that guy at rons wanting to sell you a "0" pump is wrong, you'll be fine with the 0 1/2. Was this the rons guru you talked to ? if not he is the one you need to talk to. 30 nozzel seems a bit small to me. A good tuning aid is a EGT it will help elminate some of the guessing.
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