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Default Help Needed Please

Ok guys, I need a favor please. I am using a Progressive Instruments nitrous controller. It is a multi stage controller nitrous controller. Without the solenoid wires hooked up to the controller the controller will delay and pulse as programmed perfectly. Now when I hook the solenoid wires up to the controller the first stage will delay and pulse as required but when the second and third kit comes on all stages sit there and pulse until you let off the microswitch. I have double checked that the solenoid wires are correct. Now here is the other odd part, if I was to activate, delay, and pulse each stage individual they work perfect but when 2 or more stages are activated they do this pulsing effect. It is almost like when 2 or more stages are activated that it is drawing too much amperage somehow. Each stage has it's own relay but constant hot going to all nitrous relays are all from the same wire but is a 12 gauge wire. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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