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There are a few transmission books that you can get for the TH350. I am in the process of moving, so I don't remember the name but it is about 150-200 pages and gives a good explainations and diagrams.
It is more in depth than changing the valve body (which can be a big job when all of the check balls fall out) and there are some gotcha's (anti-clunk spring is one) and you have to be careful about getting the splines of the hubs back into all of the clutch discs. There is a finess and a feel to getting them to all fit in place. I have a made an adapter to my engine stand to assemble the trans upright. You should also get new front pump gaskets, valve body gaskets, and etc.
I would recommend that you find someone that has done this before and have them help you.

Good luck,
Bill Mitchell
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