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Originally Posted by mytmouz
As a 'former' seller, I can point out what made me stop running ads. You take pictures, post a price, give a description, then the 'buyers' want ten thousand pictures. Waste time doing that and the follow up messages and calls about the same thing over and over, then they offer you 3500 for 13,000 ride. I realize a buyer wants a bargain, and to be sure what they get, but my time is valuable to. Funny how asking for a deposit to cover your time and effort makes them disappear...

Flame away! Lol...
But the real questions is: Why are they asking questions in the 1st place? Why do they need to see more pictures etc?

When I sell a race car, I have the add broken down into every minute detail there is. Every single component in the engine, the type of tranny (if it's a pro build from a company or the parts in it if it's something I assembled), all the suspension components and brands, the entirety of the rear end (what diff/spool/axles, gear ratio and brands of parts), and I basically do that from the engine, transmission, suspension, fuel system, interior, rear end, brakes, and all the accessories. This also includes sizes of the jets (if a NOS application), # of passes on the parts, etc.

So basically the only questions anyone ever ask me about the car I'm selling in the 1st place is do you have any more pictures, or "does the cigar lighter work"? All the 1000's of questions people ask are because SELLERS don't detail their add. Again, if I'm a buyer I want to know what I'm buying. A blanket statement like "it's built with the best of the best", doesn't cut it.

And I'm sorry that people want to see pictures, but this is the easiest process to prepare. When I'm selling something, I'll either put it on the hoist or on some jackstands, pull the wheels, and take PICTURES of everything. That includes every single cage weld, every detail of the interior, every detail of the exterior (from close up everywhere to far away shots) to every single detail of the suspension (front and rear) to every detail of the fuel system, under hood, trunk lid. You name it, I have pictures of it. And I do this with a camera (not a damn cell phone) and have 2600x1600 resolution (these pictures are huge and detailed)

But the beauty of the internet is there are a million different free file storage spots to upload your pictures to. So once you are all done taking the pictures (only need to do it once) you zip them all up into one single file and then upload them to one of these upload sites. That upload site gives you a hyperlink to use to download your .zip file.

So essentially, anytime anyone asks for more pictures all you have to do is send them one simple link that you either have copied to your cell (so you can text it to them) or you can simply send them the link in a PM or email (depending on who asked). So the entire process of "sending" pictures is as simple as copy and pasting one single link that will lead the buyer to all the pictures he can handle.

My point is, if you expect to sell something, you actually have to SELL something and give details. We all know what's in a 93 Z28 with a manual tranny from a dealership. But us buyers have every right to know all the parts they are trying to buy in a race car.

So what I've said above, from start to finish, (from a detailed ad to taking the pics, uploading them, and then getting a link) might take a couple hours to do (depending on your typing ability), but that 2 hours of work makes selling a breeze as the buyer can't really ask any questions if everything he asks about is already detailed in the add. And when sending pictures is a mouse click or a simple text of a hyperlink, you as the seller are on easy street. I will never understand a seller being upset at a buyer for asking questions or wanting pictures. I know there are plenty of tire kickers out there. But if you start off detailed, and are prepared with all the pictures someone can handle and an easy delivery system for them, you'll find out not only how fast your stuff sells, you'll also find out that the amount of questions are drastically reduced.

Last time I sold a race car, the only questions that were asked were about something I completely forgot to put in the add. I immediately fixed/edited the ad, and never had that question again. So think to yourself, go through all the texts, emails, PMs from buyers and tell me how many questions wouldn't have been asked (legit ones) if you had simply detailed your add in the 1st place. I think you'll find out the seller is even more at fault with tire kickers than the buyer is.

And I'm not trying to slam you or anything, I just know, from my own experience, if I do what I say above, the selling experience is a good one, with hardly any questions asked (what is there to ask when you stated EVERYTHING about the car?), and when they ask for pictures you give em a simple link to download more pictures than they can handle that are in HD and HUGE. As a seller, that is easy. Try it once, you might just be surprised at how your future for sale ads go.
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