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Default Sellers: Do you really wonder why your stuff doesn't sell?

So this is a bit of a rant from a potential buyer, but it boggles the mind that some people honestly expect to sell a vehicle "over the internet" with some of the pictures posted and info given.

Long story short, I'm looking for a mustang roller. I've contacted several people (sellers) both in text and in phone calls made where we've always had a conversation.

As a seller myself, I know how much a royal PITA tire kickers can be. Either you are serious or you're not. I agree I don't want my time wasted anymore than any other seller does.

But to all you sellers, when you say you are going to "take pictures of X,Y,Z" actually do it! When you say you are going to check to see if you can find that lost title, actually do it! When you say you are going to give a complete list of items on the car, actually do it!

I simply cannot understand it tbh. People wonder why there are tire kickers, yet say f' all in the add in the 1st place. Then there's the add of a car taken with a cell phone camera at midnight that must've been taken when the photographer was at a full blown sprint!

I mean, does anyone want to actually sell something? You took the time to write up an add, and even thought about how much to ask for it. Why in the heck can't some of these sellers realize that a website that has potential buyers all throughout the 50 states and beyond, how they might actually want a good picture or good information about a car before they waste either driving all day with a trailer, time off work, fuel, money, etc.? Is this concept really hard to understand?

I see soo many godawful posted adds here, I've just plain stopped responding to them. And when the seller doesn't do what they say they are going to do (take a picture, give some details, ((really hard stuff I know))) for something THEY are trying to sell to a potential BUYER, how good do you think the transaction is going to go over with someone who is having to road trip to make it out there?

I swear, it's like common sense is completely thrown out the window nowadays. The best one's though, are the sellers that specifically write "serious buyers only / no tire kickers / don't waste my time!!! etc.," yet have one picture of the car (a crappy one at that) and a whopping 4 sentences of text trying to explain the whole thing. My favorite ending "Too much too list". What do you people expect? Not for anyone to ask questions?

Sorry for the rant, but I was just hit with 4 out of 4 of sellers that are essentially wasting MY time. And I'm the easiest person to deal with. I have the money. Just give me the info for crying out loud lol!

Just an observation on my past week's experience trying to BUY!!!! a car.
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