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Originally Posted by gungho
Originally Posted by DirkaDirka
From what I got about it is that the cage aint up to what it should be. The NOS bottle should be in back not right behind the passenger seat.

The cage looked fine,and the nitrous bottle can be anywhere in the car,as long as it is plumbed properly,so please elaborate with what you mean,in my opinion by the looks of how well the cage held up if they were wearing helmets and harness's I bet the both would have walked away.IMO
gungho, You and i have been racing for a 100 yrs and we both know that cars that fast should not carry passengers. NHRA with not allow a passenger in a car faster than 13.00 flat. I have a passenger seat in every car i've raced since 1985, but never allowed to carry a passenger. I agree if the passenger had belts on and a helmet he may have survived, BUT he should have never been in the car in the first place.


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