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Up date,

I wasn't at the track last sunday but the car went 1st. 10.67,2nd10.63,[email protected] 124.65, spitting and sputtering down the whole qtr. i'm told.
He didn't put new plugs in it, just ran the plugs that came in the milk crates with all the mixed up parts.
I'll be back in town before the weekend, and i'm gonna put a little tune on the motor. It looks like it is gonna run low 10's. Also the best 60 ft. was 1.43. He forgot to bring chips to the track and was leaving at 3600.

I guess not bad for a 2 milk crate motor of mixed up parts and 3700lb car with driver.

I'll post ET slips when i get back in town. Also i'll tell you what/how i built the motor.


PS, This was the first time driving the car for him.
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