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Originally Posted by woodsman
Originally Posted by bjuice
wow !! made up a full second and only 2 mph...yes lord yes ,that thing has a bunch in it.....if i would have to guess your pass went like
left the line either spun or took it real easy,,,half way down the track you felt better about it and pressed the gas on down..the nova got to strolling and you either ran out of track or backed off.....either way your 330 mark it was pulling...i,'m i close ?

Well it went kinda like this. I was thinking all big till I got up to the stageing lanes and there was a oil down that had to be cleaned up.So the butterfly's got a little larger like the size of buzzards so I changed my plan to no converter on the trans brake and just took off from an idle and I think I let off a little before the 1/8th and coasted to a 11.07 @ 77 mph 1/4 mile. Well one thing is for sure I am bring the numbers down each time I get to the track.

Hey Wes you keep them butterflys !!...they will keep you alive and your car un-hurt !..i have ran as fast as 4.98 and had the same jitters as my last street car pass at no shame there my friend..
its all about the respect....LOSE RESPECT AND LOSE YOUR RIDE/LIFE...ohh did i steal that phrase from

NICE PROGRESS WES KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!


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