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Default Jesse

Jesse called me about a year ago about my Vette, was going to send a check just wanted some more pictures. Thought it was strange when he said he would give me two grand more than what iI said I would take. Told him I couldn't take a check, he would have to wire trnsfer the money. he said he would go there the next day. Didn't hear form him for a couple days so I called him. He asked what car it was which i thought was strange.He said his bank told him not a good idea, but he still wanted the car. I did the spokeo.com thing and found his address and a picture of his house. Good phone number so i called. He lives with his mother, she answered and said he was at work. Supposedly a contractor. I started getting a lot of spam shortly after sending him the pics, so maybe he is just gathering email address to sell to spammers.
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