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I don't wanna say this,but I don't wanna not help someone out when I can.I sprayed a ton(like well over 150 10lb bottles)thru a bbc in high school and didn't have a nos converter and never had any problems either..That's the good news.Bad news is the Boss Hogg converter.When I started running at the track,instead of the street,I got myself one of those babies,price was right!$250 for a brand new 3500 stall!Can't beat that with a stick!!Converter turned out to be a real flop.Had so much slippage that it would make over 100 degrees of temp rise in one 1/8 mile pass :shock: Leave the line with basically no heat on the gauge and go thru the lights with almost a 200 degree tranny!Sometimes hotter!Just thought it was the nature of a stall converter,never had owned one before,found out otherwise.Cost me a tranny!Not making fun of your parts at all,just had real bad luck with that converter.So have all my buddies and the local speed shop refuses to sell them now.Like I said,not picking on your parts selection at all.Just hate to see you go down the same road I did.Good luck
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