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Originally Posted by OneBadGMC
Why would you want a pump attached to the engine that would heat soak the fuel???????

the only reason i like the idea of this pump is the manual aspect ( but with No belt) that can pull fuel from a stock location from the rear of the car (stock tank with Sump)......I didn't think the belt drives have this Pull capability does it ?

My plans are to run E-85 Which negates possible heat issues..

Hammer this pump supossedly has evolved over the last few years.....on higher Hp engines the Return line jet Size id very important to making them operate properly..

i dunno...seems like a cool pump if you can get her to work...

Now keep in Mind what i am building....A TRUE STOCK BODIED/INTERIOR 69 CAMARO that will make 1,0000 hp Plus...on BF street/drag radials and looking to run 5.50's or lower and driving to the track. :shock: ......thats my GOAL Anyhow

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