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Originally Posted by meangene View Post
Have a guy says his name is (Thomas Wester ) trying to scam people out of monies. Says he wants to buy your item then tries the send you a check and you pay the shipper out of the additional funds he sends... I have been playing with his emotions because I figured him out day one. We are into week 2 and he has sent me a bogus check for 85K. I am still stringing him along to just turn him inside out.. Called State Police last time I got one of these and they really couldn't do much..
Don't know if I should call FBI. Anybody have any ideas.. Oh yeh and he messaged me and by mistake included a text to a (Troy Hooper) whom he is apparently also trying to scam. him
If anybody knows Troy let him know please or he can call me 814 434 1798 Mean Gene.
sending a BAD check across state lines is a federal crime- grand theft. what is his name.
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