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(How does this scam work, exactly? I'm in a similar situation right now.)
nevermind - got the answer as the scam played out:
1. scammer sends SMS message offering to pay full price with certified check, will send shipper to collect car "after the check has cleared"
2. scammer sends SMS message - "check is on its way"
3. scammer sends SMS message - "check arriving today - by the way, it is for $XXX dollars extra, so you can wire the difference to the shipper"
4. check arrives (via USPS priority mail, in my case)
At this point I took the check to the bank, and they assured me it was bogus - part of a commonplace scam they see all the time.
I communicated this fact to the scammer and said the deal is off - that was that.
The timing is arranged so that the victim deposits the check and wires the money before the check actually bounces, leaving the victim holding the bag.

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