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Hey Zano.Have to agree,do not just blow weights off,combined with the fact that your flexplate is bent,I would say replace it.Although I have blown weights off many 400 flywheels for 350 swaps with no issues,these were grocery-getter customers with 200hp engines that rarely saw more than 3000 rpm.Definately not advice for a race engine.Hopefully after you replace flexplate the ears will line up perfect.(they probably will)If they don`t ,we have a saying up here,"it is what it is, deal with it",meaning don`t lose sleep over it,if the converter is new, try to get a replacement.If you are STUCK with it,don`t go out & buy another one (unless you are rich) just shim the ear in question enough so you don`t put strain on the flexplate & everything is even & happy.Provided you have the correct spaceing between converter & transmission,it will not become an issue.
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