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I run a total of 600 Shot..tuned to of best parts and still got to change Rods,Pistons,Rings valve Job and springs 70/80 passes under full power no more than 100..and you better be checking lash,leakdown constant fuel pressure before every pass. I could go on and on..Its a $4500 preventive maintenance but when your running All Aluminum Big Chief 632ci plus ...its peanuts to what a small broken rotating piece could cost....Sorry but when I hear someone sweating a few hundred in this racing game I shake my head..Its NOT a poor mans sport and unfortunatley I have seen too many guys try this RACE game but should have taken care of business at home. ..I am getting off subject a little but NOT really.

To un-popular belief more engines are hurt at the track running Gas for being too rich than lean..but lean does it as well.j

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