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Default listen to Roadkill2

Originally Posted by roadkill2
Again, not being a wiseass, but . .

Tire guages aren't the same, one reads one thing, the next may be a half pound different. Same with Dynos . . It's all relative. When you changed Dyno's you started over . .

Jus' a SWAG here, but take 2 out of it, lean it out two steps and try it again. Dunno what yer air is but I've never seen many 500" alky engines that liked more than 33-34 of lead . . 'Course, I've always dealt with blown alky engines so there may be some difference.

Take it to the track, as I said in another thread, the race track is the most honest Dyno ever created . .
gotta agree again! wow, great advice 8)

-it sure does sound rich with those readings, as roadkill2 sez, why not lean it out and see if it responds ET wise..
-also agree on taking a bit of timing away to start can always play with that once you get the fuel closer..
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