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Default fuel pressure bleeds off after start up

I have a Pontiac 461, w/dual Holley 500's , fed by a Aeromotive Street pump that puts out 8 to 12 PSI and has just been rebuilt.
when I sta when I start the engine fuel pressure immediately starts to drop off going from an initial 7PSI, then steadily drops down to a low of 2 PSI after only 25 moms of run time. Only needs to be idling on the shop for this happen now.

Things I have tried: I have replaced the fuel gauges, I have replaced the fuel regulators, I replaced all the fuel lines with hard lines, I've had the fuel pump rebuild, I flush the fuel tank, replace the fuel filter, I have had the alternator rebuilt, ....

The only anomaly I can find it this time is the voltage at the fuel pump is 15.6 volt even after having the alternator rebuilt the fuel pres the fuel pressure drops of sterling after starting the car.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....
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