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Default I need help!

Hello fellow racers,
As most of you know, voting for the 55K giveaway has started. I would love to earn your support as well as your vote. I am a drag racer who has been at this for a few years and also a single mom of an adopted little boy. I know, many of you are asking why a single woman would adopt a little boy, but the circumstances are a bit crazy. I teach high school English and one of my students had a baby and wasn't able to keep it. She asked me to take custody so that she could keep a check on him. Anyways, that's a whole different story. As a teacher/single mom in North Carolina, I'm sure you can figure out that money is tight. My little boy and I love going to the races with my family and we would love to be able to become leading competitor. Your vote could help that dream become a reality. We would love to see your support result in us going to the PRI show this year. Thanks for all your help!
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