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HeHe :lol: ,
Don't leave all that snow for the south, it was only 82 degrees here today, and i had to spend 2 hrs, tooling around on my lawnmower, and i'm sure i'm not finished for the yr. I started cutting my grass in Jan. and am still cutting it. On the other hand my Oranqe tree now has oranges turning orange, and i'll have fresh fruit for Thanksgiving.
Just kiddin dude, i lived in the Chgo. area for 24 yrs. and Phx. for 22yrs. and you couldn't pay me enough to go back to either place. SkyJackers Manufacturing plant is about 35 miles from me and i'm about 3 hrs. from East Tx., and if you're in either place, if you don't have a high rise truck you ain't cool. Guess that means lot's of work like you've been doing.

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