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Originally Posted by demented
Originally Posted by hink
Originally Posted by demented
The problems that came about from the Fram Filters was with the bottom of the line filters that they sell at like walmart or autozone. the racing filters are made with a totally different quality control than the lower grade ones. I have used the racing filters and have had no problems whatsoever.
Here is a link to look over and I have had 2 customers destroyed their cirlce track cars because of the Fram filter coming apart but I Have to say that Fram paid for all the damages as one car had 40 thousand and the other was near 60 thousand and this car was leading the race when the filter came apart.

And NOW they finally listen to me and have gone to the WIX or NAPA filters and o problems, And once word travaled about their problems alot of guy have gotten away from Fram filters.
:shock: OK you opened my eyes to something I haven't read yet. I knew about the lower grade filters but never heard about a problem with the racing filters. Thanks for the link. Talk about scary!!!!! Every year I take down my motor and check everything. I ususally don't leave it until something breaks. That is probably why I haven't experience a major problem with my motor.
Thanks for the eye opener.
Wix filter's here I come
Another one coming out of hte Fram Filters closet :lol:
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