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Originally Posted by spib
Originally Posted by tporter
I think it was the best one, simply because there was no b#tching and moaning, just 5 good passes. And if the car had met reserve, it would have been gone...
yes sir, I will 2nd that!!!!!
Thanks guys,
As I said before on this forum we negotiated the ebay thing before the the show was taped. That was our deal or we would NOT have been on the show. You had to be there and experience the emotion of your two sons racing each other. We wanted to give the viewers 5 all out passes. I think our show changed the way they did PINKS in the future. Rich Christenson always says. I award the car to the winner. What they do with it is up to them. Our show was a ONE TIME deal and will never be repeated. I think me running Tim is a great idea but Idon't think it will happen. Better yet I could run my brother but I will promise you this were not giving up our cars for any show. ALOT of people didn't give up there cars and if they did they didn't have much money in them. It is what it is. An Entertainment show and I think it' cool to see a drag racing show on TV for the little guys.

As far as Charities I give to them all the time. For that episode.
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