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All NEW Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Big Bock Chevy
Now available in 320cc or 360cc Intake Runners.
Multi purpose head for street, drag race or power
boat applications. 360cc Intake runner is not available at this time.
3 Angle Valve Job Yes
Head Torque Settings 65-70ft lbs Short (7/16)
70-75ft lbs Long (7/16)
Rocker Stud Torque 50ft lbs
Combustion Chamber 115 cc
Spring Pocket 1.625"
Rocker 1.7
Installed Valve Height 2.00"
Valve Angle 15º/24º
Intake Valve 320cc 2.250" + .250
Intake Valve 360cc 2.300" + .250
Exhaust Valve 1.880" + .100
Intake Push Rod 8.50" Manley 25850
Exhaust Push Rod 9.50" Manley 25960
Intake Face Angle 90º
Intake Guide Material Manganese Bronze
Exhaust Guide Material Phosphor Bronze
Intake Port Dimensions 1.640" x 2.4"
Head Gasket Fel-Pro 1047
Intake Gasket Fel-Pro 1275
Head Studs Manley 13083
Manifold - Edelbrock 2902
Spark Plug Suggested Starting Range only C57C
@ 28" SFH 5030120 320cc Intake EXHAUST FLOW SPECIFICATIONS
@ 28"
0.200" Lift -171.09 cfm 0.200" Lift -123.31 cfm
0.300" Lift -254.44 cfm 0.300" Lift -167.20 cfm
0.400" Lift -321.91 cfm 0.400" Lift -205.73 cfm
0.500" Lift -357.53 cfm 0.500" Lift -241.59 cfm
0.600" Lift -377.37 cfm 0.600" Lift -261.88 cfm
0.700" Lift -390.03 cfm 0.700" Lift -279.57 cfm

flow numbers on the JUNK HEADS they flow better than my
canfields, but they are junk cause their cheap, maybe if they
raise the price they can compete, i paid $300 more for
the canfield any cheaper and the canfields would be junk
if anyone gave me a set of these junk head i would throw
them in the trash, too cheap, needs to be more expensive
god for bid there might be something cheap and good out there,
just JUNK, give me the expensive heads any time.
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