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Default Car slowed down 2 tenths..Advice?

I have a 1982 Malibu Wagon with a 350 ZZ4 crate motor and a power glide trans. Converter unknown but stalls at around 3900.
I shift it at 6400rpms and it goes through the 1/4 mile at around 6400 to 6600rpm depending on the weather. And 60' around 1.70. And has run the best of a 11.72 @115mph.

Last few times out with the car it has been slowing down. And the last time out it was like 2 tenths slow of what it should have been running. And was very inconstant. It varied from .03 to .19 in seven passes.

The 60 foots are about 4 slow and its only finishing at 6000rpms.
so something has gone away. I have already checked a few things and have a idea of what it could be but wanted other options before I do a lot of work for nothing..

Thanks for your help on this.........Rob Derr
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