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Default Headers for a nova

I am thinking of changing my headers I have never liked the way they fit and I believe I needs 1 3/4 in instead of 1 5/8. My heads are Dart pro 1 215 with if I remember right they are rectangle exhaust ports and my headers are made for round ports. I think there is a 1/10 or so in the restriction maybe more. The combo a 383 sbc 12.6 to 1 compression dart pro 1 215 heads 2.05 int 1.60 exhaust flat tapped solid lift cam victor jr intake with a 850 Cfm carb running E85 backed by a TH350 and a 4,000 stall and 4.56 gear in the rear. The car could use a little more stall just wondering thoughts on headers. I shift a 6,500 rpm.
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