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alky is a no brainer larger pill leaner car smaller pill richer car your pump is right don't change it also i would use the 3910 autolite set the gap a little tight around 32 thou to 36 also set your timing by ear take up till it pings then back up till it's crisp then on alky take a reading at that point and take an extra 2/4 degrees out, your jets might be lean try a 34 or a 36 i have had to 383 strokers both built the same 14.1 one liked 34 jet the other liked 36 also make sure to check your WOT to make sure your not over turing the spool valve also food for thought check you nozzel placement in your intake some guys use the NOS buttons insted of making the nozzel 90 degrees to the intake runner good luck joe g 8)
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