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Default Re: 1.80

Originally Posted by bowler
BBC that's not what i wanted to hear!! we are going to run my car in S/G at the Sonoma nat. event this year and my luck it would break in elim's. I will spend the money as soon as i can. now if i do it would the 1.98 be better choice or 1.80?. Thanks Doug
Well Thats Kind of a Call (YOU) Need tp make?But,I went with a 1.98 WAY Back in the Early Days of a SBC.If I had to do it over,It was a WAISTE of $$$,there is VERY little % of difference between them.But,the 1.80 is a MORE versitle Set-Up!

My VOTE-1.80!
Not that its Rite or Wrong,but the WAY I would FLY!

G 8)
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