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Default Re: what low gear for a powerglide?

Originally Posted by bowler
my car is 2450# with a sbc 434, powerglide, 5000 stall, rear is 4.56 tires are 32.5, runs 9.30's @ 145. I have a stock 1.76 first gear and they make 1.64, 1.65, 1.69, 1.76, 1.80 & 1.96. I will up grade to after market set just not sure what ratio? i will run super pro & pro thanks Doug
Heres some FOOD for Thought,...........?
A good freind of mind that just moved south to Ark.,built a Brand New Altered,SBC Injected 406 car ran desent,5.50-.060's.He had (STOCK)Planetary in the Glide.Well last sat.He TOTALED the B/New Car!
He was Bracket Racing,had the Guy covered,hit the Brakes HARD!The Planetary EXPLODID!The Car is JUNK,He barrel rolled a few times and I thing Enddoed also!
So,....?He spent ALOT of $$$ in the WRONG Place,.....???Get what I'm Say'ing?

The AFTERMARKET Planetary is a SAFETY Feature,that as far as I'm concered,ANY Car Faster than say 6.00 in the 1/8,9.00 in the 1/4,SHOULD BE MANDETORY!!!!
I'LL BET you have ALOT MORE in that Upper End!!!!

G 8)
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